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Application of liquid ammonia

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"2013-2017 China ammonia industry research and investment prospect evaluation report" is mainly used for the production of ammonia nitrate, urea and other chemical fertilizer, but also can be used as raw material of medicine and pesticide.

The liquid ammonia in the defense industry, used in the manufacture of rocket and missile propellant. Can be used as organic chemical products of raw materials into ammonia ammonification, because ammonia gas in the gasification, can absorb a lot of heat, known as the "refrigerant" at the same time, ammonia has certain bactericidal effect, so in the poultry industry, is used for sterilization and cooling refrigeration. Ammonia can also be used for textile mercerization. NH3 molecules in the lone electron pair tend to form coordination bonds with other molecules or ions to generate various forms of ammonia compounds. Such as [Ag (NH3) 2]+, [Cu (NH3) 4]2+, BF3, NH3, and so on are NH3 as the coordination complex. Ammonia is a good solvent, the molecular polarity and hydrogen bond, ammonia in many physical properties with water are very similar. Some active metal from water replacement of hydrogen and hydroxide, in liquid ammonia is not easy replacement of hydrogen. But to produce a liquid ammonia dissolved metal blue solution. The metal liquid ammonia solution can be conductive, and the slow decomposition of hydrogen, a strong reduction. For example sodium in liquid ammonia solution: metal and liquid ammonia solution is blue, and conducting a strong reduction of the reason is because the formation of "ammonation electronic" of the reason in the solution.

For example sodium dissolved in liquid ammonia in lost valence electron produces its positive ions: ammonia is heated to 800 to 850 DEG C, on nickel catalyst, ammonia decomposition, can obtain hydrogen nitrogen mixed gas containing 75%H2 and 25%N2. The gas produced by this method is a good protective gas, can be widely used in the semiconductor industry, metallurgical industry, as well as other industrial and scientific research needs to protect the atmosphere.

Ammonia and acetic acid gas is heated to 420 C, under the action of catalyst, the synthesis of acetonitrile.

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