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liquid ammonia

Name:liquid ammonia

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Chinese name液氨Vapor pressure882kPa(20℃)
Name of foreign languageLiquid ammonia(anhydrous ammonia)density0.617g/cm3
Molecular formulaNH₃Boiling point-33.5℃
Production methodAmmonia compression after prepared liquid ammonia productmolecular weight17.04(about17)

"China National Standard for liquid anhydrous ammonia" (GB-536-88) rules are as follows, only for reference, the actual data according to customer demand for custom indicators:

1、Citation Index

GB 190 Dangerous goods packing mark

GB 3723 General rules for sampling safety of industrial chemicals

GB 8570.1~8570.7 Method of test for liquid water

2、technical requirement

2.1 Appearance: colorless liquid

2.2 Ammonia should meet the following requirements

Index nameindex
Top productFirst GradeQualified product 
Ammonia content,%≥99.999.899.6
Residue content,%≤0.1(gravimetric method)0.20.4
水分,% ≤0.1--
Oil content,mg/kg≤5(gravimetric method)
2(Infrared spectroscopy)
iron content,mg/kg ≤1  
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