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Ammonium Hydroxide

Name:Ammonium Hydroxide

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The company's large-scale production of high purity food grade ammonia wholesale, can be customized according to customer demand.

Chinese name氨水AppearanceColorless Transparent Liquid
English nameAmmonium HydroxideapplicationChemistry field
NicknameSolution of ammonium hydroxide; ammonia waterSecurity descriptionS26 S45 S61 S36/S37/S39
Chemical formulaNH3·H20Dangerous symbolHarmful to the environment
molecular weight35.045Risk descriptionR34 R50
CASSign on number1336-21-6Transport number of dangerous goodsUN 2672 8/PG 3
EINECSSign on number215-647-6Saturated vapor pressure1.59kPa(20℃)
Melting point-77℃Explosion limit25%—29%
Boiling point37.7°C (25%)24.7°C (32%)Risk level8
Boiling pointfreely solubleH·SCode2814200010
Density0.91 g/cm3 (25 %)0.88 g/cm3 (32 %)

"People's Republic of China chemical industry ministry standard - ammonia" (1-88-81 HG) rules are as follows, only for reference, the actual data according to customer demand for custom index:

Industrial useAgricultural useAmmonia (NH3) content,% ≥Industrial useAgricultural use
AppearanceIndustrial ammonia water is colorless transparent or with slightly yellow liquid252015
Chroma, No.  ≤8080Residue content,g/L ≤0.30.3 
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